Grocery delivery$20(Paradise, NV)

I will shop for you in the town of Paradise. $20 a trip which includes tip. There is no grocery delivery service available here, Amazon Fresh eliminated it's services in California and Instacart is not available here. I already shop for several people already as I am a longtime caretaker here in town. Perhaps you are a senior and cannot make it to the store as often as you'd like. Perhaps you're a busy Mom and need someone to shop for you. Perhaps you're someone who hates to grocery shop. Give me a call and I'd be happy to shop for you OR you can accompany me, I'll provide the ride to and from the store or pharmacy. I charge $20 up front and will deliver them to your front door, or pick you up and return you home. I have many references and have lived in town for 11 years. Reliable and trustworthy. Call me or email me to set up an appointment!